Letters We Receive

We received lots of letters from very wonderful people who shared with us their thoughts about the cookbooks.

Dear Janice:
I just read the article in Diablo Magazine. I have a dear friend going through what you went through – she’ll make it – she’s a very positive person, as you are! You’re a HERO to all women. We are sisters and must stand united! What a wonderful idea to share your dear recipes. I’d love to have a book. I love to cook and I want to contribute to such a wonderful cause. Thank you.

Dear Janice:
I was visiting my son’s home during the holidays and spotted your flyer requesting a donation benefiting breast cancer research. I hope this check is not too late to participate in this event, which I passionately support. Having heard of your recent bout with the disease, I especially admire your ability to turn a negative experience into positive action. You’re an amazing young woman. Through Randy, I have known Brett since he was a little boy and thought his wife would be a lucky gal . . . it seems he is the lucky one! Love to you all,
Janice Seeley

Dear Janice:
I read the article about you and your story regarding breast cancer today in the Tri-Valley Herald. We also have a history of breast cancer in our family and struggle to stay on top of it too. With all my heart, I hope with your help that a cure will be found. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if none of our daughters ever had to worry about breast cancer again? Good luck and best wishes.
Janis Morris

Dear Mom:
I’m so proud of you for your book.
Love, Sia

Dear Brett & Janice:
We just received your heartfelt letter about breast cancer. We are so sorry to hear about what happened. Janice’s strength for life and research to find a cure and to make a difference has touched our hearts deeply. We are ordering two books of “Recipes for Research” and will be forwarding the article, from the Contra Costa Times, to all of your friends through email. On a personal note, we always have admired your family’s love and closeness, from what Dr. Stompro has shared with us. Oprah and Rosie would both tell you and I will tell you, “Keep strong and never stop fighting breast cancer.” Best wishes to you and your family. We love you.
Elaine and Courtney

Dearest Janice:
What an incredible idea your cookbook is! You are an amazing woman with such a big heart and strong will. You are truly an inspiration. Caring people like you make all the difference in our society. I wish you all the “earth shattering” success with your book sales. I passed the word on to my friends and they are happy to support this wonderful cause to cure breast cancer. Hopefully we will get a great response from our patients as well. All my best to you and your wonderful husband and family.
Toni Eustes

Dear Janice:
Just wanted to thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement. I felt so lucky to have you to talk to at such a difficult time. Everything turned out fine. The people at John Muir Radiology were awesome! Anyway, thanks so much. You’re as beautiful inside as you are out.
Sincerely, Sherry Bennett

Dear Dr. Stompro:
I was very sorry to hear about your wife’s struggle with breast cancer, she sounds like a very courageous women. I pray God’s blessings on her and your family. My own dear friend has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so I applaud all that you and your wife are doing to fight this terrible disease.

Dear Janice:
Thank you for the terrific job you are doing. Many of us who have survived the nightmare of breast cancer appreciate your time and dedication.

Dear Janice:
Your dear husband was a speaker at your Danville Women’s Club a few years ago. Your picture in the Oakland Tribune shows a very beautiful woman. Our neighbor just had surgery and is now feeling 100% better. I thought your book would be a lovely gift. I will also share this news article with our club at our next board meeting.

Dear Janice:
Please send me three of your cookbooks. I think it is wonderful that you are so actively fighting breast cancer. I lost a very dear friend three years ago and these books will make perfect gifts from the remaining members of our group of four friends. Now we remember her even when we are cooking. Good luck in your efforts!

Dear Janice:
Enclosed please find my check for $15.00 for the book, “Recipes for Research.” I too have been diagnosed with breast cancer and still am in the process of chemo. Today is pure hell, but there are some good days too. Thanks for all your work.


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